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Because AmericanOpinions is a polling website and relies so heavily on the accuracy and integrity of information, we have a special appreciation for the Privacy & Security of our members. AmericanOpinions has diligently planned and taken every precaution to ensure our members feel their profile information and opinions are safe. We use the best software and servers available and we continually analyze our privacy & security practices to ensure our members protection.

We are not a social networking site and there is nothing for sale on our site. That means your profile information is kept hidden in our servers. What more can we say? You either trust us or you don't. Our goal is to earn your trust: And we will. Please give us a chance.

As stated during the Rregistration/Sign Up process, AmericanOpinions 1st goal is to give Americans a voice to BE HEARD! Too often, Americans feel their voices are undervalued and unappreciated. Many Americans take the time to write, email and call our elected officials to voice our concerns on matters of the country's direction or upcoming legislation. Do you feel like your opinion or voice is being considered? Many Americans don't.

AmericanOpinions was created to change that! We have all heard the saying that there is strength in numbers. We want you to have a platform to voice your opinions. Imagine being part of a revolution in opinion polling. With your help we can say goodbye to small, hand-picked opinion polls that proclaim to speak for you. AmericanOpinions polls will consist of thousands and thousands of respondents. Let the mainstream media try and argue with or disregard the impact of thousands of Americans speaking out collectively on any given topic. They can't ignore it for long. As we grow, we become more influential. Join us; and don't forget our second goal: We are going to have a lot of FUN!

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