AmericanOpinions was designed for ALL Americans to give & express their opinions and views on Government & Politics, Current Events, Social Issues and all things silly or trivial. The site belongs to it's member; our slogan "BE HEARD!" was adopted to encourage them to make good use of their 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech.

The current methods of discovery in public opinion polling are not representative of Americans, because the sample groups (number of people polled) are very small. Most often, the polls referenced in the media are based on a poll of 1,000 people or less. Also, depending on how the poll questions are framed, and the order in which they are asked; these polls may not give a TRUE representation of the public at large and their opinions.

Enter you, our members & AmericanOpinions. This website has two goals, the first being: to provide real-time, true and accurate data represented in polling statistics, on any given topic, expressed by you and thousands or tens of thousands of your fellow Americans. Imagine the power of an AmericanOpinions.com poll with 250,000 respondents (BE HEARD!) The second goal is simply to have fun!

Thank you for taking the time to find out what AmericanOpinions is all about. Now get back to the site, and tell everyone what you think.

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