Frequently Asked Questions

Polling: Facts & Questions
  • How are polls formulated and/or chosen?

    Polls are researched, formulated and chosen daily by the AmericanOpinions staff. The staff sifts through mountains of information trying to pinpoint the most relevant issues, subjects, news stories and topics that involve Americans. Poll questions arise from all of this information and are presented to AmericanOpinions members. Members are also welcome and encouraged to submit poll questions to the staff. Many of the best questions come from our members.
  • How often do you update the polls?

    Polls are updated daily. All five main page polls are 24 hour polls and they are presented in a box with weekday tabs. They start at 5am. Eastern on any given day. There is a Main Site Poll plus four Category Polls (Gov't & Politics, Current Events, Social Issues & Just 4 Fun!) The headline polls, (those that show up below the purple bar under the weekday main poll box) usually run for three to five days.
  • How many polls are there in the site?

    The number of polls displayed is always a variable. The people, issues and news in America will dictate the number of polls in any given time frame.
AO Member Profile Info: Facts & Questions
  • What is the purpose of my Profile Information?

    At the end of any poll question, day, week, month or period, your profile information isn't profile information anymore. It is only demographics. The staff of AmericanOpinions takes the RAW data from the polls presented and our members info and formulates spreadsheets that break up the answers to the polls in a 67 different ways (REPORTS). These reports small & large, are offered to the media, politicians, gov\\\'t agencies, etc. to present a clear and unbiased snapshot of what our Members think on any given subject. Press Releases are also packaged and distributed to various media outlets and agencies. Your profile information is NEVER, EVER given or shared! The staff of AmericanOpinions will NEVER contact you unless you ask us to or have the same phone number listed in your profile as another member.
  • How safe is my profile information?

    Your profile information is very safe. sells NOTHING and is NOT a social Networking site. You are the only person who can view your profile information. It is hidden in our databases and is never printed out or stored in complete form at AmericanOpinions offices or on our servers. Moreover, the information you are encouraged to provide is rather innocuous. Even if a person or entity with nefarious intentions was to obtain our members profile information it would be worthless. There are no addresses or real names required.
  • Why must members provide a zip code & phone number?

    Our member's zip codes are a very important part the demographics within the reporting capabilities of AmericanOpionions. For Example: Politicians want to know what their constituencies opinions are. Our reports will give them total or overall percentages of opinions and then break that down into percentages by area, city, state and region. The zip code gives AmericanOpinions an accuracy advantage over other polling companies. The phone number is required for accuracy as well. In our digital world it is very easy to have multiple identities. A member who has multiple identities will also have multiple opinions. This would skew the polling results. By requiring a phone number, the potential for fraud and abuse diminishes greatly.
Suggest A Poll: Facts & Questions
  • What happens when a poll question is suggested?

    Your poll question is forwarded to the AmericanOpinions staff. The staff examines the poll and decides if the poll is suitable for publication, and where it will be published within the site. Sometimes, the staff will rework the poll question. Credit is given to the user/member who suggested the poll. Their username will show up in the bottom right corner of the poll question along with their profile picture.
Log In & Out: Facts & Questions
  • What if I forget my password?

    Click Forgot Your Password under the log-in area. You will be directed to a screen enabling AmericanOpinions to e-mail you your password.
  • Can I change or update my password or profile information?

    Yes, when logged in, at the top of the page, on the right side of the AmericanOpinions website you will see the word Profile. Simply click on it and you will be directed to your profile as it was last submitted. You can change your password or update any of your profile information. That's all.
Advertising: Fatcs & Questions
  • How can I advertise on

    Please submit your query by clicking the Contact Us feature at the bottom of every page. We will promptly get in touch with you and present our advertising options.

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